Top Tips

You’ve chosen your ceramic, you’ve chosen your paints, it’s time to get down to some painting. Simply think of a design and get creative.

Getting creative

If you would find it helpful, you can draw your design on your ceramic in pencil before painting. Press lightly and the pencil will burn off during the firing process.

Count your coats

One coat of paint creates a watercolour effect, two and three coats create a deeper colour.

The paint dries quite quickly, so a small amount at a time is best.

Don’t put the paint on too thickly – if you want a solid colour, use three coats, NOT one thick coat of paint.

The colours of the paint will look pale when painted, but change during the firing process.

Before glazing
Before & After
After glazing

Painting techniques

Using a sponge, stencils, or stamps creates different effects. Simple designs, such as spots and stripes are easy to do and very effective!

Baby prints

For young babies, footprints are usually easier than handprints, and easier still if your baby is in a good mood! If you are not happy with the first attempt, just wipe the paint off with a clean sponge and start again.

When you have your ceramic and colours ready,

  • dip the narrow side of the sponge into the paint and cover your child’s foot or hand evenly with paint, including all fingers or toes
  • guide your baby’s foot (or hand) to the ceramic until they meet. Press the foot and each toe (or hand and each finger) firmly
  • lift your baby’s foot (or hand) from the ceramic, taking care not to smudge the paint.

You can add decoration, or writing, after the prints.

Click the link to watch gorgeous baby Milo show us how it is done

If you want to get super-creative, check out pinterest for inspiration on hand and foot print art ideas.

… and whatever you choose to paint, relax and have fun!!