Baby Prints

Baby Prints

Print your baby’s hand or footprint on ceramics and create a fabulous keepsake for any member of the family.

We have lots of items suitable for hand and footprints, including tiles, plates, vases, flower pots and mugs. We are very happy to help you achieve the best results, and we recommend you book in advance to ensure that a skilled member of staff is available. You can also check out our Top Tips, and watch our video of the gorgeous baby Milo and his mum showing you how to get great footprints.

You can write a message yourself using our paint pens or pay a small fee for our staff to do the writing for you.

Handprints are not just for children

The whole family can join in and create a family masterpiece, or a group can get creative using thumbprints.

Pet prints are also possible (if you have a willing pet!)